How do I add or update my OFFERS and WANTS?

Update your OFFERINGS and WANTS– Login to the online trading system using your account number and current password. (top right-hand side)– Click on the [My Record] button at the top– Scroll down to the “Personal Actions” section– There you will see options to View, Edit or Add new OFFERINGS and WANTS– You may add as many offerings as you like– SydneyLETS philosophy is that ‘all time is of equal value’, so services are traded at 35 ops/hr
– $$ or opera cost may be charged to cover the cost of ingredients or materials required, just make a note of any $$ or operas in your OFFER– Listing your WANTS is a great way to stimulate trade, think of it as offering someone an opportunity to trade– You can also upload a photograph of yourself so that other traders can see what you look like.