What about the Taxation Department?

NOTE: This info may be outdated – please ask your tax professional to check the ruling for Community Barter Systems Accountability for taxes incurred by members is the obligation of those involved in an exchange.  The official ruling states that if you earn local units whilst providing a service which is your main profession you must pay tax on all profits OVER 300 units as if you had earned dollars. Units are also deductible so if you spend operas on your business expenses you may declare it. For example: if your main profession is a plumber and you do some plumbing work to the value of 700 operas then 400 operas is considered taxable at the normal rate. If however you spend those 400 operas on bookkeeping or other business expenses then the profit you have made in that year is only 300 operas and the tax department don’t want to know about it. Also if you earn operas as a handy-person (ie put up a chook shed) then this is not considered as earnings under your main profession (plumber) and is exempt from income tax.